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We test our alloys daily to ensure the castings we produce, meet exact customer demand.

Our foundry master guarantees the consistency of the metal chemistry in order to provide chemical certifications.


Aluminum alloys containing copper as the major alloying element 201, 206


Aluminum-silicon alloys also containing magnesium and/or copper 356,357, 319


Binary aluminum-silicon alloys 413

Premium Aluminum Alloys

A201.0, A206.0, 224.0, 249.0, C355.0, A356.0, A357.0, D357.0, 358.0, 359.0 and 354.0

Premium Engineered Castings

Provide higher levels of quality than are found in normally produced parts. These castings may display optimum performance in the following characteristics:

  • Mechanical and metallurgical properties
  • Soundness
  • Dimensional accuracy, and finis

Castings of this classification are known primarily for mechanical property achievement that reflects great soundness, fine dendrite arm spacing, and well-refined grain structure.

In order to Improve mechanical properties, We use
Modifier and Grain refiners in our foundry.


Strontium is used to modify the aluminum-silicon eutectic. Strontium modification transforms coarse, brittle silicon plates to a fine fibrous microstructure. Benefits of a modified structure include:

  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Reduced tendency for hot-tearing
  • Improved metal feeding
  • Better compositional homogeneity
  • Enhanced response to heat treatment
  • Better surface finish

Comparison of the silicon morphology in: (A) unmodified; (B) Sr-modified and (C) Sb-modified


Titanium is widely used to refine the grain structure of aluminum casting alloys, often in combination with smaller amounts of boron. A finer grain size promotes enhanced casting soundness by minimizing shrinkage, hot cracking, and hydrogen porosity. The advantages of effective grain refinement are:

  • Improved feeding
  • Better tear resistance
  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Increased pressure tightness
  • Better reaction to thermal treatment
  • Improved appearance following chemical, electrochemical, and mechanical

As-cast Al-7Si ingots showing the effects of grain refinement. (A) No grain refiner. (B) Grain refined